Evo eBKE ST E5000

Evo eBKE ST E5000

  • Détails techniques
  • Cadre Aluminium 6061-T6 hydroformé, 10x135mm
  • Fourche Aluminium 6061-T6, 9x100mm
  • Freins Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc, 160mm
  • Levier de vitesses Shimano M2010 Rapidfire
  • Dérailleur arrière Shimano T4000 9 vitesses
  • Moteur Shimano STEPS E5000 - Puissance nominale: 250W Couple max: 40Nm Vitesse d'assist. max: 32 kmh
  • Batterie Lithium-Ion Shimano STEPS E8014 36V
  • Télécommande Interface LCD Shimano STEPS E5000
  • Cassette Shimano HG400 11-34D
  • Pneus Vee Rubber Speedster E-Bike 700 x 40C tires
I already own a bike. Why do I need bike share?

The power of enabling one-way trips rather than a forced round trip due to having a personal vehicle is transformative. Bike share opens up mobility options that weren’t previously convenient and makes public transit more viable. It also enables greater access to multi-modal trips where you may use bike share for the first part of your trip, but may take the trolley, a car service or even catch a ride with a friend on the way home.

Tell me about the bikes.

Our smart-bikes from Social Bicycles (SoBi) have brains! This sets them apart from other bike-share systems. On the back of the bike is a GPS-enabled, solar-powered panel with an on-board lock.

With this panel, you can check out the bike, unlock and lock it, put it on hold and report a problem. It will even let you know how many miles you rode and how many calories you burned by logging into your Social Bicycles account.

One of our favorite features on our bikes is the chainless shaft drive. You won’t have to worry about your pants getting caught or getting greasy! They also have nifty extras like 3 speeds, an adjustable seat post, front and rear lights that illuminate automatically, a large, full-sized basket, puncture resistant tires and a bell (just above the left hand grip – give it a turn!).

What are Coast Hub Stations and Park and Go racks?

A Coast Hub station is where you go to find, check out and return a bike. It’s equipped with bikes and racks that the bikes are locked to.

Locking outside of a station will incur a $3 convenience fee. You’ll also see designated Park and Go racks at businesses around town. This is free Coast parking, so feel free to park here as well!